June 12, 2014

Welcome Back to the ScoreBand Blog! 


We have been incredibly busy here at SBHQ (that would be “ScoreBand Headquarters” for those of you having a slow Thursday). Our focus this last year has been on furthering the growth and success of ScoreBand while also developing three new ScoreBand models: ScoreBand GOLF, ScoreBand PRO and ScoreBand PLAY. The unfortunate downside to this intense focus was a slight lack of attention to our blog updates and social media accounts. So, when an email dropped into our inbox from a student at the University of Kentucky seeking a Summer internship we were PUMPED to have a helping hand!


So, with no further ado, we proudly introduce [drum roll please] AMANDA! – THE MOST INTERESTING INTERN IN THE WORLD!  


 Thank you for that awesome introduction although I must say that picture is a little crazy for a Thursday afternoon…but yes we have an all-new blogger here!  My name is Amanda and I am from Lexington, Kentucky.  After receiving the opportunity to intern with ScoreBand I packed my bags and came to Charleston for the summer.     


On my first day, I opened the door to the office and what is the first thing I see in the very front? A ping-pong table.  Too cool!!  After being here a few weeks, I have learned a lot about ScoreBand and absolutely love it.  I have already put my original blue and black ScoreBand to use many times, and am hoping to use the AllScore mode to play the boss in a little game of ping-pong very soon…  


I came here at a very exciting time because there are three new products that will be available soon (at the time of this post – ScoreBand GOLF is NOW AVAILABLE).  Here is a quick preview of what you can look forward to in the future: 


The ScoreBand PLAY will be replacing the original ScoreBand.  This model will come in blue, pink, and gray with an adjustable watch-style clasp, and will have all the capabilities of the original plus some added features like backlight, reset button, and better water resistance.



  The ScoreBand PRO is our first model with 5 modes: Time, AllScore, Golf, Tennis, and Stopwatch.  This style will come in a black or white band and will be available in two length options to better fit small or large wrists.  My favorite feature of this model is that you can now view the current time on-screen while in a game mode.  Pre-order one today!


The ScoreBand GOLF is specifically designed for golfers who like to know their distances around the course. From hazards-to-greens the GPS system gives you all the distances you need.  The GPS system is preloaded with a database of over 27,000 golf courses around the world.  When you are in the vicinity of your course, SB GOLF will automatically locate the closest courses to you. All you need to do from there is select your course and play! 


 There is definitely a lot happening over here…SO STAY TUNED!! In addition to this blog, be sure to follow us for updates on all things ScoreBand


- Amanda





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