Three Sports Watches: Total Retail Price = $1,510,049.95

June 17, 2014

We all know Bubba Watson for winning both the 2012 and 2014 Masters. We also know champion tennis player Rafael Nadal for his many wins, most recently his ninth French Open last week. These two big-time athletes have one special thing in common: they both wear a very luxurious Swiss watch by Richard Mille – and I mean VERY luxurious!


Bubba Watson owns the RM38-01, a limited green and white edition made to commemorate his victories at The Masters. Besides Watson’s watch, only 50 others were made available for sale. Notice how perfectly it pairs with a particular green jacket:


Rafael Nadal wears the RM27-01, a black watch so strong it can withstand 5000Gs of force! Whatever that means. Both Nadal and Watson’s watches cost over A HALF MILLION DOLLARS! $$$$$! Nadal's RM27-01: $690K. Watson's RM038: $820K


While Richard Mille watches are very attractive & probably keep very accurate time, are they able to keep score of Bubba and Rafa's golf and tennis game?  NO!

So, if you’re looking for a good excuse to NOT keep up with these gentlemen's high-priced style needs, look no further: the all-new ScoreBand PRO is here… 

Like Watson and Nadal’s watches, Scoreband PRO is lightweight, super-stylish and, of course, also tells time. However, where their watch features stop at good looks and timekeeping, the new ScoreBand PRO goes further. In fact, it is designed specifically to use when playing tennis, golf and other recreational sports. With five modes - Time, Golf, Tennis, AllScore, and Stop Watch -you’ll leave these elite athletes in the dust. ScoreBand PRO is a sleek, stylish watch that will help you stay cool in the heat of battle and keep you looking cool when you’re out on the town.

Oh yeah, and did I mention, it costs around $600,000 less than either of their watches!


Pre-Order one for $49.95 today!!



- Amanda

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