The Next Generation of ScoreBand

August 28, 2014

As we prepare to launch the next generation of ScoreBand Wearables next week, it seems appropriate to take a quick look back on how we arrived at where we are today.

The idea for ScoreBand came from a lifetime of playing sports and experiencing situations where disagreements or confusion over a score occur. If you play sports, then you know all about these instances. Your rhythm, attitude and momentum can be completely thrown off track. These disruptive moments halt the flow - and FUN - of play.  Combine this with the knowledge that simply trying to remember a score can unsettle a player's mental focus & peak performance, further exposed the need for a convenient, intuitive, smart-but-simple solution.

By the Summer of 2011, technology was shrinking and athletic wristbands were gaining popularity. Product design and functionality began to take shape in my head and I took a leap of faith. I left my full-time job to attempt to tackle this problem. I teamed up with a group of talented engineers, designers and manufacturers and we got to work on solving the scorekeeping problem. The first stage was to create a working prototype, demonstrate it at the PGA Show, and gauge reaction from experts in the Golf industry.

As we have since learned, forecasted timelines in product development are not often achieved. There are just too many unforeseen adjustments that become necessary on the way to the finished product. So, in January 2012, we found ourselves standing at our booth at the PGA Show in Orlando with stacks of brochures to hand out, but only four NON-FUNCTIONAL physical prototypes to show. Despite the fact that we couldn’t provide a real demonstration, everybody grasped the concept immediately. The reaction to the product was overwhelmingly positive. The show was a great first step. As a bonus, we received the Best Product Concept award.

With the concept supported and the momentum of the show behind us, we moved forward into production of "ScoreBand." In June, the first 200 pre-orders were hand-packed and shipped out.

Two years and tens-of-thousands of ScoreBands later, we have come a long way. Our product’s strengths and weaknesses were revealed through use and customer feedback; market demand focused; business relationships broadened; international trade challenges were studied and bridged; and operations were fine-tuned .

After processing through all of the learnings from these past two years, we have developed the next generation of ScoreBand models. We are proud of the result and excited to get them onto your wrists.

Take a look around our site to learn about them, and find the ScoreBand that is right for you and your game:

Click here for full ScoreBand Product Comparison Overview.

  And, as always, if you ever have any questions, please send us an email, or give us a call...we love hearing from our customers.


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