Take Control of the Court

October 09, 2014

We don’t spend a lot of money on advertising or marketing our products. Instead, we prefer to let our products speak through word-of-mouth. However, since the majority of our tennis-based sales are done through our fine distributor – Fromuth Tennis – we felt that they might benefit from a boost in consumer & retailer awareness. So we set out to make a new advertisement for Inside Tennis Magazine.

In tennis, we have found that some players consider using a scorekeeper as showing weakness to the opponent. They consider it as a kind of crutch for the forgetful player. So, we decided to address this misunderstanding. Through our brainstorm sessions we identified some key points to help mold the visual for the ad: 

  1. ScoreBand improves confidence. ScoreBand allows a player to take their mind off the score and focus on performance. We hear from customers all the time that after using ScoreBand they realized just how much simply keeping the score in their heads could interfere with their focus.
  2. ScoreBand gives you power. There is at least one instance of a scoring disagreement/dispute in almost every tennis match. If you are wearing a ScoreBand when this happens, you become the ‘score authority’ immediately. You will never lose another point due to a disagreement with your opponent. Advantage – YOU!
  3. ScoreBand helps you keep the upper-hand. Asking your opponent, “What’s the score??” shows weakness. As trivial as this sounds, players and coaches who understand the power of gamesmanship know that asking your opponent for any assistance gives them the upper-hand. Players who use ScoreBand never have to ask this question and never risk losing this upper-hand. 

Ultimately, our intent is to illustrate that using a ScoreBand product is like adding a weapon to your arsenal of gear. ScoreBand helps you TAKE CONTROL OF THE COURT.


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Karen Sinclair
Karen Sinclair

March 07, 2015

I love my Scoreband during my tennis matches! After getting in the habit of using it after every point, it’s been a real argument saver during a match. Opponents will eventually turn to me for the score. When I’m playing singles, after a long point, it’s nice to look down and know the score! I feel naked on the court without it and it’s become a necessity in my equipment bag. Thank you.

Dixie Fisher
Dixie Fisher

February 07, 2015

I have used a Winset scorekeeper tennis watch (no longer sold) for the past 10 years and was dreading its demise. I am happy to find the Scoreband because these watches are invaluable when score disputes arise. I never lose track of the score, which helps if I need to recall the points. I wish everyone on the court would wear a score watch.

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