Mother's Day + ScoreBand = 5 Shades of PLAY

April 30, 2015

Before I get into why the ScoreBand PLAY makes the ideal Mother's Day gift, I think it is time I introduce myself as the newest member of the ScoreBand team! So, Hi, I am Nicole Johnson, a native Phoenician, transplanted all the way into the Lowcountry - Charleston, SC.

Being a native of Phoenix, the land of golf courses, tennis courts and cacti aplenty, I can speak first handedly about how important a scorekeeping device is to your game. Whether it be golf, putt-putt, bocce or cornhole, no one likes to lose track of the score halfway through, and we all know we have those friends that like to exaggerate a bit when there is no one keeping them honest. Hey – all of your friends are Honest Abe? Well, I bet some of us may have mothers that tend to “forget” things…





  • To count meals. As a new mom, my best friend would often forget how many times a day she, and her newborn, had eaten. Using AllScore mode, she could keep track of how many meals she had eaten on top of display, and her daughter on the bottom display.


  • So you can go on a vacation. I know, this may be a stretch, but hear me out…..If you give your mother an accessory for golf or tennis, you can bet she will find an excuse to use it. Her most likely excuse will be to plan a vacation so that she can spend a morning playing tennis or golf overlooking the ocean, wearing her brand new ScoreBand PLAY! Since you gave her the present that led to the trip you just may be invited! My fingers are crossed…


  • It’s fashionable. Playing sports and staying fit is cool. Completing your look with an arm party is also cool. Put the two together, and what do you have? An awesome fashion accessory! Mom will thank you!


  • Track wine intake. We can all be honest with ourselves and admit that as children, our goal in life was to drive our parents crazy. I bet my mother couldn’t wait until 5pm to uncork that bottle of wine every night!


  • To keep score! Speaking from experience, my mother uses her ScoreBand every golf outing. She will even wear it when watching her friends play tennis, and keep score for them. I have literally been on the phone with her when she has said, “Oh honey, I have to go. I need to turn around because I left my ScoreBand at the house.” Talk about commitment….or is that addiction?

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