Happy Fourth Everyone!

July 02, 2015

With the passing of the summer solstice already behind us, summer is in full swing here at Team ScoreBand. The days are long, the sky is extra blue and each weekend brings a different adventure. 

This weekend marks the most important day in our nation’s history - 239 years previously, our Continental Congress approved the Declaration of Independence, declaring the United States independent from Great Britain. It has become American tradition to commemorate the history of our country and the sacrifice of those before us by celebrating all things uniquely American on the Fourth of July. Fireworks, backyard barbecues and hot dog eating contests are probably on 99.9% of American’s agendas come Saturday, and I want you to be prepared. With that in mind, here are the top reasons why you should NOT leave your ScoreBand at home this Fourth of July!

Keep Score Of Your Backyard Games

We’ve all been there – 30 minutes deep into a heated cornhole/ladder toss/horseshoe/[insert other backyard game here] match when all of the sudden, no one can agree on the score!

“It’s 11-9!”

“No, it is 10 – 11!”

Happens all of the time, right. Why not prevent this argument by being the most responsible adult at the party, and keep score on your ScoreBand.

Judge the Hot Dog Eating Contest

Nothing against hot dogs, but the idea of seeing how many I could shovel down in 15 minutes makes me…queasy. So, instead of competing in the contest, I would much rather watch EVERYONE ELSE compete in it. Flip over to Stopwatch mode on your ScoreBand PRO and get ready to enjoy the show!

Keep time

The best thing about a ScoreBand PRO/PLAY is their multifunctional use. Your ScoreBand can go from a stopwatch, to a scorekeeper, to a wristwatch, all with the touch of one button.

So, use your ScoreBand as a watch, and keep track of time so you don’t miss the fireworks! This, of course, is probably the most important reason you shouldn’t leave your ScoreBand at home! 

Happy Fourth Everyone!


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