Customers / Retailers / Distributors / Event Coordinators

Thank you for your interest in the ScoreBand line of products. We encourage you to contact us directly with any questions, comments or suggestions.


ScoreBand products make ideal gifts for group events. You don't want your event to be the same old towel/balls/tees giveaway. Make it unique with a ScoreBand product.

We have worked with groups from 50-250 and have received 100% positive feedback from event coordinators. We offer volume discounts and provide imprinted logo'ed ScoreBands for a small surcharge. Typical lead time for imprints is 2-3 weeks.

Please contact us at 843-388-4090 for more information.


Order your ScoreBand product directly from this site, or find a ScoreBand-carrying store near you. Visit our "STORES" page to search for a dealer near you.

If your pro shop or local retailer does not carry ScoreBand, please print this sell sheet and give it to the Store Manager. If they decide to order ScoreBand products for their store we will send you a FREE ScoreBand PLAY (or equivalent credit toward other ScoreBand products). 


We are currently building partnerships with retailers and distributors in the U.S. and internationally. If you are interested in carrying ScoreBand products in your store(s), please let us know by sending us an email at: or by calling us at 888.722.0444. We look forward to discussing opportunities with you.

Sample retail packaging images for ScoreBand line of products for your review: