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ScoreBand: Advancing the Game.

Take Control of the Court

October 09, 2014

We don’t spend a lot of money on advertising or marketing our products. Instead, we prefer to let our products speak through word-of-mouth. However, since the majority of our tennis-based sales are done through our fine distributor – Fromuth Tennis – we felt that they might benefit from a boost in consumer & retailer awareness. So we set out to make a new advertisement for Inside Tennis Magazine. In tennis, we have found that some players consider using a scorekeeper as showing weakness to the opponent. They consider it as a kind of crutch for the forgetful player. So, we decided to address this misunderstanding. Through our brainstorm sessions we identified some key points to help mold the visual for... Continue Reading →

The Next Generation of ScoreBand

August 28, 2014

As we prepare to launch the next generation of ScoreBand Wearables next week, it seems appropriate to take a quick look back on how we arrived at where we are today. The idea for ScoreBand came from a lifetime of playing sports and experiencing situations where disagreements or confusion over a score occur. If you play sports, then you know all about these instances. Your rhythm, attitude and momentum can be completely thrown off track. These disruptive moments halt the flow - and FUN - of play.  Combine this with the knowledge that simply trying to remember a score can unsettle a player's mental focus & peak performance, further exposed the need for a convenient, intuitive, smart-but-simple solution. By the Summer of 2011, technology was shrinking and athletic wristbands were... Continue Reading →

Five Cool Ways People Use Their ScoreBand

July 11, 2014

TGIF Everyone! Whether you are spending this weekend on the golf course, playing a match on the tennis court, or shooting hoops with friends, ScoreBand has you covered for keeping the score and allowing you to free your mind up and focus on your game.  But have you ever wondered if there are other ways to put this smart-watch to use?  I wondered if anyone out there has used their ScoreBand in more creative ways than the obvious applications.  And, after checking with the team here, I learned that many customers have shared some pretty interesting stories of how they have put their ScoreBand to use!   And let me tell you, people have found some VERY creative ways to... Continue Reading →


July 03, 2014

  Have a fun and safe weekend!! - Amanda Continue Reading →

Three Sports Watches: Total Retail Price = $1,510,049.95

June 17, 2014

We all know Bubba Watson for winning both the 2012 and 2014 Masters. We also know champion tennis player Rafael Nadal for his many wins, most recently his ninth French Open last week. These two big-time athletes have one special thing in common: they both wear a very luxurious Swiss watch by Richard Mille – and I mean VERY luxurious!   Bubba Watson owns the RM38-01, a limited green and white edition made to commemorate his victories at The Masters. Besides Watson’s watch, only 50 others were made available for sale. Notice how perfectly it pairs with a particular green jacket:   Rafael Nadal wears the RM27-01, a black watch so strong it can withstand 5000Gs of force! Whatever that... Continue Reading →

The Unforgettable 1999 U.S. Open: Phil Mickelson & Payne Stewart

June 12, 2014

1999 U.S. Open winner Payne Stewart pulls a Fathers Day congratulations-reversal on Phil Mickelson on his pending Fatherhood.   As the newest member of the ScoreBand Team, I am quickly becoming a golf WIZ. Here's some cool golf history I just learned:   The 2014 U.S. Open began early this morning at Pinehurst #2 refreshing memories of Payne Stewart’s incredible story-filled victory there in 1999 over Phil Mickelson. Throughout that entire tournament, Phil carried a pager with him because his wife, Amy, was very due to go into labor with their first child. No matter where he stood in the final round, he made it clear that he was prepared to leave at any moment and be with his wife if she... Continue Reading →


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