ScoreBand 2019 Collection

January 18, 2019

ScoreBand continues to innovate! 2019 brings a bright new entry into the premium laser rangefinder market with the introduction of the VIBE SL8 High Performance Laser Rangefinder. The SL8 includes brand new features like 90% light transmittance to provide best-in-class clarity and brightness through the lens. An internal magnet allows players easy access to their SL8 on golf cart post or, if walking, directly onto golf clubs. These features plus boasting an 800+ yard range at an affordable price make us excited and proud to launch the new VIBE SL8. The SL8 is a welcome addition to ScoreBand's existing line of popular VIBE and PULSE rangefinders and scorekeeping watches. For more information, visit our website at or send us an email: