My Golf Spy Review: Is this the replacement for the golf scorecard?

August 29, 2012

A great review just came in from Frank over at My Golf Spy. He begins the review with an introduction of ScoreBand and then goes into the review, tackling it from a few different categories: First Impression, Performance and Value. He notes how comfortable it is and how easy ScoreBand is to use.  Before closing it out he talks about the reasonable pricing and gives a summary of the product: “I love the ScoreBand, and it is definitely a good fit for me. It is stylish, comfortable, and has many great features. Again, if you are going to use all of the features, it is a great product and pick it up. I will stand by that. I use all of the features and it is on my wrist all of the time.” Click here to see the full review.

For ScoreBand,



Frank from My Golf Spy using his ScoreBand.

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