“The Best Golf Product You Will Buy This Year”

October 24, 2012

We couldn’t agree more! You can imagine our excitement when Adam Fonseca of Chicago Duffer wrote a rave review of ScoreBand, tapping it as the best golf product you will buy this year:  “As many of my readers know, I review a lot of stuff on this blog. Gadgets, clothing, clubs, balls… the list goes on and on. So believe me when I say I have seen it all and have tried it all when it comes to the ‘next big thing’ in golf products. With that being said, the Scoreband wristband watch is by far the best golf product I have seen in 2012.”

Adam touched on all the functions of ScoreBand, noting how impressive the AllScore mode is and the affordability of the product. If you haven’t seen the entire review, be sure to read it here.

For ScoreBand,


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