Halloween Gone Wrong?

October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween! Hopefully you have stocked up on candy and gotten your costume all ready for the big night. Here at Team ScoreBand, we’ve been so busy that Halloween crept up on us. So we took to the internet to find some easy costumes we could make…but what we found was much better. We couldn’t pass up sharing our findings with ya’ll. Check out these…uhhh…interesting, I mean creative Halloween costumes.

Rainbow Bright?

Bikini Ghosts…why not?

Jurassic Park Part 4

No Comment.

Because who doesn’t love Kool-Aid?

While there has been an anonymous office vote to all dress up like the rainbow man, I politely suggested we keep searching. Or maybe even dress up as our favorite scorekeeping wristband watch?

For ScoreBand,


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