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August 28, 2012

ImageThanks for stopping by to check us out.  If you are new to our site, let us give you the basic rundown on our new product: ScoreBand.

ScoreBand is the world’s first 4-in-1 silicone multi-sport scorekeeping wristband watch. It’s innovative four-mode functionality and digital display makes for an exciting product within the sporting goods market.  The 4 modes – Time, Golf, AllScore and Tennis – aid in keeping score, which allows players to focus more on their game.  It’s comfortable and with just three buttons it’s easy to use making it even more desirable.

Through the simple touch of a button, ScoreBand interactively maintains hole and round scores for golf; game and set scores for tennis; and scores or statistics for any two-player or team sport. With four different sizes and 8 different color combinations, ScoreBand has a sleek and modern look that is fashionable enough for everyday wear as a timepiece for men and women of all ages.

Oh, and who am I? My name is Katherine, very nice to meet you world. Along with writing blogs and keeping score, I work in the Marketing Department here at ScoreBand. We will have guest contributors from some of our amazing staff,  ScoreBand Ambassadors and many more. Feel free to comment or ask us questions!

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